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About us

The OWLS Motor Club was founded in 1926 as the Oxted, Westerham & Limpsfield Motorcycle & Light Car Club and later incorporated Sevenoaks.  Hence the OWLS Motor Club was formed.  It was later made into a limited company for the security of Committee members.


Prior to the war it was a very active motorcycle grass track club and was part of the Grass Track Combine at Brands Hatch before it became a road racing circuit.  This continued until the 1980's when more members became interested in competition trials riding and this became the main sporting activity in recent years for both adults and children.

However, we have members involved in road racing, trail riding, long distance trials and classic motorcycles.

Our club is based in Kent and we run regular club competition trials for adults and children from four years of age (see information on trials riding below).  Monthly trial results are reached from the Latest News link on this page and are updated regularly.

Apart from trials we also hold occasional road runs, trail rides and an annual Fun Day for all the family.  Some members even indulge in continental touring.

There is an active social calendar with various monthly meetings at the Ightham Club in Ightham village where we have Quiz nights, Darts, Cribbage, Treasure Hunts or Fish & Chip evenings.  We also hold events at other venues such as Steak & Kidney nights, Curry nights, Boules and our Christmas Dinner in December.  

See our Calendar page and News page for details and venues.

See our Officers and Committee members on our OWLS Contact page

Ray Denyer (2).jpg

One of our long standing members 
the late Ray Denyer

Trials riding 

As a rule motorcycling has a name for being fast and noisy but competitive motorcycle trials are neither. There is no speed involved and the machines are very quiet compared to motocross or racing.  The bikes are very low geared and it is the skill and balance of the rider which plays the greatest part. Competitions are run on private land and we are fortunate to have several friendly landowners who let us use their land for trails throughout the year. 


OWLS Motor Club is a member of the North Kent Trials Combine (NKTC), who run trials each month for competition between local clubs. We are associated to the Autocycle Union (ACU) and Amateur Motorcycle Association (AMCA) catering for riders from the age of four up to about seventy years of age or more and of all abilities from Clubman to Expert. Trials usually consist of about ten 'sections' marked out in woods, through streams, over logs, up banks and rocks etc.  The riders attempt to ride through these, between markers, from the 'Section Begins' to the 'Section Ends' cards without putting a foot down or stopping. Normally, riders score themselves on each section and give themselves penalty points for errors, the rider with the least marks in their ability class at the end of the trial is the winner of that class.  There are four routes; Yellow, Red, Blue and White, indicating abilities - Clubman, Novice, Intermediate and Expert, respectively.

If you require advice on the type and size of motorcycle most suitable to you there are some specialist trials motorcycle shops around who would advise you on this and the type of clothing you require. The essentials are boots which cover the ankle , a crash helmet and gloves.

Youth rules and classes


Youth Classes will be as per current ACU or AMCA handbook

See ACU trials regulations here for more information and engine capacities and wheel sizes for youth riders

See AMCA trials rulebook here for more information and enigine capacities and wheel sizes for you riders

SUPERVISION:  A Parent/Guardian must countersign the Signing-on Sheet when a Youth signs on at the start.  For all Youth Classes a Parent/Guardian must remain on site during the trial, generally supervising the Youth(s) for whom they are responsible.

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